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Sep 18, 2012 11:00am PDT
england, s dog gave a terrifying howl and died. then georges benedite, the head of egyptian antiquities at the louvre museum, died of a stroke after leaving a tomb. still another death occurred-- that of arthur c. mace from the metropolitan museum in new york, who was assisting carter. the bizarre events surrounding the opening of tutankhamun's tomb appear today to have been merely coincidental. the unextinguishable legend of the mummy's curse had begun. who was this king? what was he like? what did he achieve in a life lived 34 centuries ago? we don't know for sure. all we have are images. even with its discovery, the tomb still refuses to yield many of its secrets. we know only that the young boy king, tutankhamun, grew up during one of the most turbulent periods in egypt's long history. it was a time when the stability of egypt had been wracked by a religious and political revolution that for the first time in history eliminated all gods but one: aten, the sun. the precipitator of the crisis was the pharaoh akhenaten, in whose court tutankhamun was raised. akhenaten was a
Sep 20, 2012 11:00am PDT
pretty small country as the netherlands, a huge thing. i mean, 's the fourth largest airport in europe, and you cannot explain this by the size of the country in any sort of way. man: schiphol wants to be one of the international airports in europe. with the unification of europe, we want to be the best, and we think that it is not only necessary to have airlines over here, but also a stop for the high-speed train. van hout: the decision the government has to make will be a choice taking into effect the economical importance, the environmental effects, the financial sides of it, and you have to decide in these things, balancing all these elements. narrator: trying to balance the competing proposals, the government found a compromise. the high-speed train will make stops in amsterdam, schiphol airport and the port of rotterdam. but rather than run directly through the green heart or through the other cities, the new line runs along the urban/green heart border and only briefly through this section of farmland. and here, the desire to preserve the green heart is so strong, the government
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2